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Dashboard cross-plateformes - reporting Marketing et Sales

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Le contexte

Closer Evolution were the first on the French market to create a Qualiopi-certified sales training agency - more specifically in Setting / Closing. They offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to delegate the sales side of their business to benefit from more time, more income & to allow them to fully devote themselves to their area of genius.They have a great appetite for digital tools but felt lost among the panoply offered and used. ‍As their business grew, they found it hard to keep on top of their processes and data. Between Hubspot, Aircall, Notion, Airtable, Kajabi, Telegram, Slack, Gmail, Tally ... data was easily lost and the team's efficiency with it.

Les défis

  • Data scattered between Hubspot, Aicall, Google Ads, Facebook Ads ...

  • Impossible to calculate a relevant ROI

  • Impossible to track the performance of their Sales

  • Difficult to budget their Ads campaigns without reliable KPIs

  • Tools that do not communicate with each other, and no centralisation and structuring of data

Les objectifs

  • Limiting tools

  • Synchronise data from different platforms in a single reporting tool

  • Perfect tracking of leads and conversions

  • Be able to monitor the performance of each Sales, precisely with dedicated KPIs.





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Les bénéfices 

6 different sources of information reduced to 1: Databox.

  • API link from Aircall, Calendly, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Tally and Hubspot to Databox, in real time.
  • Creation of dashboards for marketing and sales monitoring and calculation of ratios/KPIs.
  • Tracking the stages in the sales funnel: initial contact, making an appointment.
  • Tracking of sales calls: duration, type, action (answering machine, making an appointment, ghost, wrong number, etc.)

Improved ROI on advertising campaigns.

  • Transfer of offline conversions (deals won) to Google Ads, with GCLID (Google click identifier) tracking to link the conversion to the initial click.

Better lead segmentation: Active Campaign tag automation.

  • Assignment of an automatic tag in the Active Campaign emailing tool based on the origin of the lead.

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Software engineer

Fort d’une double formation en école d’ingénieur et école de commerce, et d’une expérience en tant que Product Manager puis NoCode Ops, j'aime concevoir des solutions pragmatiques pour répondre aux défis opérationnels des entreprises.

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Airtable & Automation specialist

Analytique, curieuse et ingénieuse, depuis plus de deux ans, j'aide les entreprises à optimiser leurs processus et à tirer le meilleur parti d'Airtable, en combinant mon background business, mon expertise technique et ma passion pour l'amélioration continue.

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Entrepreneur insatiable, j’ai fondé et dirigé plusieurs entreprises avant de rejoindre la banque d’affaires Cambon Partners en tant que CTO. Curieux de tous les types de businesses, je partage volontiers mes connaissances pour améliorer votre quotidien opérationnel.